Friday Favorites + Finds!

Happy Friday! I certainly hope everyone had a great week. I’ve been saving a number of favorites to share, so I will just jump right into it.

While this weather has been all over the place, I celebrate any day that is sunny and mild! Only a few days before it lightly snowed, it was so warm that I could walk in a light jacket. Mother Nature is keeping us on our toes for sure.



When I returned, Rachel was waiting in the window!


We made breakfast-for-dinner that included a warmed salad, over easy egg, hot sauce, and GF Schar croissant. This was delicious! I’ll need to get more of these croissants soon.


For breakfast one morning, I had two types of toast: carrot protein bread wtih Matt’s strawberry chia jam and cottage cheese and one slice of thin whole grain with the same chia pudding and pb. A banana on the side. I really enjoyed this combo!


I had a coupon for a Tillamook product, and this farmstyle thick cut cheddar is oh-so tasty. I love how thick it is, and the strong, sharp flavor is very pronounced.


I made Alexis’ chickpea avocado salad but made some substitutions. I omitted the onion and celery and added additional red bell pepper, used spicy brown mustard instead of dijon, and used frozen avocado instead of fresh. It was so great! We had it as a sandwich and over a salad with corn chips for two lunches during the week.


I found these falafel burgers at Ingles, and while they could’ve use some tzatziki, they were enjoyable. But really, look at our silly photo bombers!


I got this outfit idea from Kaci and copied her the next day!


Mid-morning Mahalo pick-me-up.


Before completing a Barre3 flow at home, Jackson insisted on being snuggled. He is so stinkin’ adorable!

My wonderful hairstylist shared this with me. It’s close to the process we’re using to grow out my locks. šŸ™‚


Speaking of which, I can now tuck my hair behind my ears. It’s the little things!

Such a powerful reminder!


Speaking of control, we cannot manipulate and control our bodies with restriction.


We can, however, listen to our own intuition and engage in healthy behaviors. Simi led a free series that delved into a healthy relationship with movement. It was so insightful and supportive!


I do love these Ennegram posts just to see which one I relate to.



And that’s a wrap! I wish you all the best Friday and weekend ahead! Please feel free to share any favorites and/or any fun plans you have!



4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites + Finds!

  1. The chia seed pudding caught my eye on the toast! I made some for the first time last night and just ate it with a little yogurt and Pb powder, but tomorrow I’m putting it on toast! I felt like it needed some texture, so that’ll be a good way to incorporate that!! Thanks for sharing, Kori šŸ™‚


    1. I’m so glad you tried and enjoyed it!! Yes, toast provides the perfect texture for chia pudding. I’m so glad my post helped! ā¤


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