Fresh Air Leads to a Happy Heart

Hello, and happy Monday and new month of March! Two days into the third month of 2020. Crazy!


I started the day with such a stellar breakfast combo that included a Figgy POGO by Sweet Earth Foods that was very enjoyable. I bought it with a coupon recently, and now I want to try their other flavors! It’s like a fluffy poptart met a Fig Newton. I enjoyed it with fluffy cheesy scrambled egg topped with hot sauce, avocado, and a cutie.


Kaci got to come over after work and hang out with me and the babies, and it was so lovely!

Once Matt got home, I whipped up dinner that turned out really well. I sauteed chicken tenders with some salt, pepper, and garlic I believe then I added a bag of fresh cauliflower hash from the produce department that I first steamed in the microwave, fresh turnip greens, and barbeque sauce. It may sound weird, but it was an excellent combo! I enjoyed mine with Bird’s Eye frozen lemony couscous and greens.


Rachie loves a good SnapChat filter. 😉


For a snack later that evening, I added beet powder, powdered pb, ground flax, ginger, a few raw oats, and crunchy nuggets to yogurt and had a crisp, juicy apple on the side. Matt and I have been watching a Netflix documentary on Formula 1 racing called Drive to Survive, and it’s been interesting!



We slept in SO well! I didn’t get out of bed until around 8:00. For breakfast, I made a Bakery on Main apple cinnamon oatmeal cup with milk then topped it with a vegan maple sausage patty. I loved the sweet savory combo. I also had an apple with pb on the side.


I call this, “cat book ends”. 😉


After getting ready for the day, I went down to the post office to pick up my first Not Perfect Linen dress!


They also surprised me by sending me a scarf! They always send sample squares of all of their linen colors, and I love that they do this for their customers.


For lunch, I heated an Amy’s Greek Spanakopita burrito topped with hot sauce and enjoyed with baby carrots.


For a sweet finish, I enjoyed one of these chocolate almond biscotti from Aldi. The almond flavor was prominent and very good!


I then made a Target run and found some great things that we needed! I impulsively grabbed this from the cooler at the checkout line, and while it isn’t sweetened, I still thought it was really enjoyable and refreshing. I loved the grapefruit flavor, and despite it being carbonated, it didn’t upset my stomach. Win-win.


The latest Pioneer Woman Magazine edition was delivered, and Rachel and I couldn’t wait to dive into it!


Mid-reading, I grabbed a snack of hidden crunchy nuggests cereal with cuties and almond milk. It was just what I was craving.


Jackson then had to join! We were learning about DIY facemasks at this point.


I received a notification that my trial FabFitFun box had been delivered! While I would love to maintain this subscription, it’s too costly for our budget at this time. But for just $5 and change, I received this small but amazing box.


The babes helped me open it.


Jax couldn’t care less about the box contents. He just wanted the box!


I’m very grateful! I received Tula probiotic face wash, Whish overnight face mask, YumiKim travel bag, and the beautiful Summer and Rose trinket dish.


I completed one of Simi’s Barre videos and it felt so incredible!! My body was definitely challenged but in a very good way. I didn’t not have judgemental thoughts if I had to take a break or take a modification, and that is how movement should be for us.

I showered and then got to work making “Sloppy Joannas” by Hilary’s. I had to make substitutions because apparently I was not careful when I last grocery shopped and forgot some things. I used a yellow pepper instead of green, 3/4 c ketchup and 1/4 c smoky whisky bbq sauce, and spicy brown mustard. Kroger also didn’t have their Adzuki bean burgers, so I used the root vegetable variety. Matt thought the sauce could be decreased, but I loved it as is, so feel free to play around with it! We enjoyed ours on warmed Udi’s GF buns with a spinach and avocado salad on the side.


As we watched the Formula 1 program, I noshed on a banana with cinnamon, nutmeg, and pb plus herbal tea with honey.



Once again we slept until the eight o’clock hour, and it felt marvelous. Once we made our way downstairs, I finally opened one of my Kodiak Cakes mixes, their classic buttermilk, and made waffles in my baby Dash waffel maker! I topped mine with Matt’s blueberry chia pudding, pb, and maple. Mmmm mmmm mmm. So good.


I then rolled up my sleeves and made muffins following their recipe on the back of the box. Because our bananas aren’t ripe enough yet, I omitted them and added Greek yogurt and frozen wild blueberries per the recipe variation.





Because Matt can’t have any (damn Celiac), I took six to Kaci and Drew. I packed up my lunch to enjoy over at their place: spinach with Sloppy Joanna and baked polenta. Excellent quick meal full of flavor! I ate a cutie then accompanied Kaci on her Target run. She found new bedding that is so pretty! She also scored a heck of a deal on it and their new flannel sheets.


Before embarking on our hike, I ate one of my muffins with ricotta as a “frosting” on top. Fabulous!


The day could not have been more beautiful. The sun was a welcome sight as was the mild temperature. We hiked at IC King Park and covered about 2.6 glorious miles.



Kaci took this portrait mode with the front facing camera on her iPhone 11, and it makes me wish I had this version! I want to wait to make such a big purchase, but I’m living vicariously through her. Also, peep Drew in my sunglasses reflection, ha!


So artistic 😉

Once I got home, I snacked on some carrots and hummus while the babies ate then I vacuumed our home.

So, you know how I mentioned I didn’t shop well last week? Um, yea, I didn’t have what was needed for the Ancho Black Bean Chili I planned to make, *but* I was proud of these nachos! I cooked our last chicken burger and divided it over our blue corn chips and topped them with canned pinto beans and Tillamook thick shredded sharp cheddar. I warmed our plates in the microwave the topped our nachos with tomatoes, avocado, Greek yogurt, and hot sauce. I sauteed turnip greens and added the last of our jarred pickled jalapenos plus some of the brine. This was fantastic! Something that I still am so grateful for is the freedom from my disordered eating and food rules. In my past, if I didn’t know all of my meals for the day or if plans were changed, it caused me so. much. anxiety! Not anymore. I love spontaneity and being able to go-with-the-flow! If you feel stuck in food rules, know there is a life outside of them, and you can get there. ❤


I prepped our food and my clothes for today then promptly sat my toosh on the couch with those same crunchy nuggets in our pb jar with unsweetened vanilla cashew milk and an apple. So good! Even though it is simple, this combo was perfect. We finished watching our program then made our way to bed.



I apologize for the poor lighting (thanks, Mother Nature for the rain. We really needed more.), but here is my new dress and scarf! I layered it with my gray sweater from Amazon, belt from Planet Xchange, and shoes from Target.


A pretty bobby pin to add some pizazz to my growing pixie.


Wishing you all the very best day and week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Air Leads to a Happy Heart

  1. That fluffy “poptart” looks & sounds delish! Your kitties are so dang cute & I had a laugh about them as book ends on the couch. What a deal on your FFF box! The travel bag & trinket dish are so cute. ❤ & so were your waffles haha. I am so curious about what a sloppy Joanna is! I have to look that up now lol looks good!


    1. I highly recommend this pastry / “poptart”! Thank you! We love our babies so much. I was so thankful for this FFF order. ☺️ Sloppy Joanna is Hilary’s vegetarian sloppy Joe! The recipe uses their frozen veggie burgers as the base. It was quite tasty.


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