Friday Finds & Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday!! I hope your week has been a good one. As always, please feel free to add your own finds and favorites in the comments! Let’s get to it, shall we?

First up is this delicious blueberry chia pudding that Matt made for us! He warmed frozen wild blueberries then added water and chia seeds, a little sugar, and maple, and he chilled it overnight. It then congealed into this great pudding texture.


I had it with cheesy avocado toast, apple with cinnamon, and a vegan sausage patty one morning. I loved this combo of flavors and textures!


Another morning I had it with pb and honey on toasted whole grain bread plus an apple on the side. Check out that drippy filling. Yum.


I recently made Ellie Krieger’s lentil tomato dish with ricotta that was oh so satisfying! The ricotta added a creamy, lovely texture and taste.


I also made her Ancho Black Bean Chili with Orange Essence. Holy smokes, it was amazing! We’re enjoying leftovers for dinner this evening. Mmm mmm.


Lastly on the meal inspiration front, I made Ree Drummond’s nachos but substituted one pound each chicken and vegan meat (Emerge from Kroger) for the beef. I didn’t layer them because the recipe makes a lot, so we’ll just build our nachos when we eat the leftovers. Otherwise, the chips would be soggy. I needed to have added more cheese, but it was still good.


Target finds! I wish I had a reason to buy them all, but instead, I chose to just take photos to share. The vase was only $5, but I am trying to be intentional. It is so cute, though! An owl humidifier. I mean, how cute! Cat-print sheets and ‘cat lady’ tee. Target gets me.

I did purchase this candle, and not only does it smell lovely, the container is really cute and can be repurposed!

I have still be in search of a good antiperspirant deodorant (nervous sweat probs, just keepin’ it real), and so far, this one has worked well! Anyone else struggle with this? It’s not that I get hot and sweat. I just have nervous sweat even when I don’t physically feel nervous. Maybe I’m just weird. 😉


I bought my first set of thermals from Target now that many are on clearance. I’ve needed some to layer with, and this brand is rather nice and comfortable if anyone is in the market for them.

I decided to put my pretty “vintage” bobby pins in my Summer and Rose trinket dish, and I love how pretty and accessible they are now! They’re too nice to put away in my opinion.


Kylie was incredibly sweet to send me these stickers of the cute girl and her haiku about dieting! She has an awesome line of these girls who are voices against dieting. Kylie now has included them in her Ig recipe videos, and I love them.


Our Lead RD surprised us each with a gift for National Nutrition Month + National RD Day, and I feel so fortunate to work with amazing RD’s and for an incredible Lead. This wireless mouse, complete in one of my favorite colors and personalized, is so thoughtful! I love everything down to the card design and the thoughtful message she wrote.

Now for some outfits I’ve loved lately! Kaci so kindly let me borrow this beautiful sweater that she got from Val’s Boutique. It is so comfortable and well-made!


It’s not a huge difference, but I’ve been enjoying trying different styles as my hair grows. I pinned back both sides, and I loved how it looked and felt.




I paired my Not Perfect Linen scarf with a linen dress I bought last year from Amazon. Complete with fun earrings by Bonnybee Designs, and Rifle Paper Co. Keds.


Natural hair aka no styling paste. It felt nice to wear it like this for a change.


Always ending on a positive note. ❤


Have the best day and weekend ahead!

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