Hitting the Highlights

Good afternoon! I sure hope the weather is lovely where you are and that you will be able to get out in the sunshine for a bit. It’s starting to feel like spring, and it’s really making me very happy!

Instead of sharing all of my meals, I decided to just share the highlights from my weekend for a fun change of pace.

I wore one of my favorite jumpsuits on Friday, and while it was really comfortable, I did need a jacket. The thing about TN spring is that it comes in waves. I’ve seen a meme circulating that is hilarious and pegs us in the “spring of deception”. No truer words have been spoken!


One of my clinic managers catered Olive Garden for lunch on Friday, and it was really enjoyable! Lasagna, salad, bread stick, and a nice pudding/mousse cup with a cookie crumb crust.


The babies and I snuggled on the couch Saturday morning while I sipped my coffee, and it always warms my heart so much!



After I got ready, I met with Kaci to attend a first birthday party for one of Drew’s second cousins. I so loved attending and being family with them! Drew’s family is so loving and kind. Kaci rocked her Not Perfect Linen dress – does she not look amazing? Her nephew took this for us – he’s good!


They had a taco bar with allll the fixins. I overfilled mine per usual, and it was messy and amazing.


They had chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cupcakes, but I couldn’t resist the vanilla because it had sprinkles. 😉 Also, the cake bite was so good! Funfetti inside.


From left to right: Drew’s awesome mom, Drew’s aunt, Drew’s brother-in-law, Kaci holding the birthday girl, yours truly, Drew’s fun sister, and the birthday girl’s mom and her sister.


Would a weekend be complete without a Target run together? Nope! “Quick, look in separate directions!” Nailed it!


Then we came back to my place and enjoyed time with Rachel and Jackson. How adorable is he?!


Such a model!


Toophers ❤


Our youngest baby. He is such a character!



He didn’t know what to make of her hat.




Rachie’s expression kills me! She is such a fun, spunky girl. She keeps us on our toes!


We swung by a local co-op, Three Rivers, and we each chose a Spindrift to try. I have to say I enjoyed Bubly grapefruit sparkling water better, but this was tasty.


On Sunday I completed my first 45-minute Barre video by Simi, and it was so challenging but very rewarding! You can see where my cheerleaders plopped down to watch me sweat. 😉


Then I got ready, donned by thermals, and met with Kaci, Drew, Axl, and one of Kaci’s friends to hike at Baker Creek Preserve. The weather was spectacular, and we covered about 2.5 miles!


I was so grateful that I got to attend their weekly family dinner, and Drew’s mom made an excellent meal of hamburgers, seasoned baked potato wedges, baked beans, and corn on the cob plus brownies and ice cream. The laughter, conversation, and food filled my heart. Matt worked hard on his race car in preparation for a race this coming weekend weather-pending. We missed him!

I had to threw on my robe and ran outside to snap these because the sunrise was so beautiful! I saw the colors coming through our blinds even though they were shut. It was just so magnificent, and the photos don’t do it justice. Nor do the town homes, but I digress.



Wishing everyone the very best day and week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Highlights

  1. Enjoying one of your posts before heading out for a long run with my morning cup of coffee (okay second morning cup of coffee, hehe).

    That jumpsuit was MADE for you! So cute. I love the sweater you paired it with too, all goes together beautifully. Ohhh been a minute since I’ve had an olive garden breadstick- and this post now has me craving one!

    Ahh, love the pic of you and Kaci ❤

    Yes yes gotta get the fixins!!!

    How cute are those cupcakes?!

    Oh myyyy goodness- these pics of Jackson and Rachel are MELTING my heart.

    I have seen those Spindrift at the grocery store, but never tried them- their flavors look yummy! Is it kind of like La Croix?

    Beautiful Sunset! Thanks for sharing, Kori!!!


    1. Some days I need an extra cup too!!

      Thank you so so much!! I appreciate that. They were quite nostalgic! This lunch was really enjoyable.

      Thank you! I just love our time together.

      All the fixins!! 🙌🏻

      Right?! The cake bites were so good! I’ve decided Funfetti is one of my fav fun flavors.

      They are so stinkin’ cute!! Thank you for sharing in our love of them! They brighten every day for us.

      It’s better than La Croix in my opinion! More flavor for sure.

      You are so welcome!!! ❤️


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