Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! These are some strange times it feels like with all the talk regarding Coronavirus. I am personally not pleased with how the media is reporting on it as they are invoking more fear and panic. But I acknowledge the severity of the situation, and my heart goes out to all who have been affected.

In an effort to bring some joy and light to an otherwise unknown time, let’s get on to a Friday Finds + Favs post. I just so happen to have thirteen things on this Friday the 13th. So let’s get to it!

(1) I found these earrings on Amazon, and I love them! I highly recommend them. They come in this case with a pretty bracelet as well.


They’re all really pretty, but they are not heavy at all. They give me Golden Girl vibes, and I’m here for it!


(2) I also bought this coffee grinder, and man is it nice! Alexis recommended it, and unlike our other one, it grinds consistently and is not super obnoxious in sound.


(3) Through next month, you can receive a free S’ip by Swell after submitting your receipt showing you bought $15 worth of particpating General Mills products. This website gives the details. I bought Larabars and then received this cute bottle.


(4) On our latest Target run, I saw these cute doormats that look so bright and cheerful.


Anyone else find these colors and the organaztion so lovely?


(5) I’ve seen several people share how much they love Hippeas, and now I see why! They taste really good but do not leave a weird taste in your mouth like some puffs can. Know what I mean?


(6) These are so good! Sweet and little spicy, and you can definitely taste the clementine flavor.


(7) I also have been craving wraps, and these sounded good. I can vouch that they are!


(8) Anyone else love hemp hearts? They have such a unique, nutty taste! This bar is chewier and a little different in texture, but that’s not to be a bad thing. I loved it!


(9) Matt made this meal on Sunday for himself, and we had some of the leftovers for dinner this week. It was so good! I had bought Private Selection smoked sausage many months ago and froze it. He cooked it, and then we enjoyed it with sauerkraut, steamed vegetables, Bush’s baked beans, and home steak fries. I ended up having half the sausage link and put the remainder in the fridge. ‘Twas satisfying.


(10) After taking a Ballet Sculpt class with Kaci and her friend at The Y, which was so fun (!), I came home and made this quick meal. Apple gouda bagged salad kit with avocado smoked salmon toast. Simi shared her meal prep thoughts recently that even if one uses frozen vegetables or products, bagged salad, canned goods, etc., the meal is still homemade. This was wholesome and so enjoyable. Don’t feel less than or intimated it you can’t or don’t want to make all things from scratch!

(11) They surprised me at my second clinic and got me a Lazboy chair! It’s super comfy.


(12) I finally tried my first embroidery project, and you know I had to choose an owl! I bought this at Target by Penguin and Fish. It was so fun, and you can reuse the owl stencil several times!


I added it to our right bedroom wall gallery.


(13) As always, ending on a favorite quote by MHN. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds + Favorites!

  1. I love your blog, Kori, but find it offensive that you talk about the pandemic as a “juicy” story. 5,000 people have died, the numbers are rising drastically every hour. Countries are shutting down completely and people are – with good reason – terrified.

    I think the media (for once) is doing an excellent job spreading information that will save lives. Social isolation is crucial to reduce the virus spreading and it is important that young people show solidarity with those immunocompromised and/or elderly by avoiding social interaction. The hospitals will soon be filled up, and we should save the beds for those in need.

    I’m sure you too take this seriously, but unfortunately that did not come through in this post.

    Stay safe.



    1. I sincerely apologize for the my choice of words as I am not discounting the severity. I work in the medical field, and my brother-in-law works in the financial realm. We’re seeing the effects. I believe the media is causing mass hysteria and panic by misreporting certain facts that then creates more fear. We don’t know all the numbers or facts, and they can, therefore, be skewed or misinterpreted. My heart goes out to anyone affected, and this is a grave situation. I will certainly change my wording. My disdain for the media came across as callous – not my intention. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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