Weekend Recap

Hi all. I hope that where every you are, you are safe and well. This whole Covid-19 outbreak is so surreal and strange! I never ever could have imagined all of this, and it seemed to come on so suddenly. I know every day is a bit of touch-and-go. I wanted to share a weekend recap in the hopes to add some lighthearted content to otherwise uncertain time.


I started the day on such a delicious note! I warmed a sprouted whole grain tortilla with greens and then layered cheesy scrambled eggs, one cooked vegan sausage patty crumbled, avocado, and Siete chipotle hot sauce. I also had a cutie on the side plus a wonderful mug of coffee.


I came up with this outfit quickly and was really happy about it! I layered my fun bleached flannel over my Old Navy jumpsuit instead of wearing a cardigan.


The day felt really weird, and I admittedly did not handle it well. They’ve now mandated that we wear a gown and mask at all times plus have our temperature taken and logged daily. The masks have been proven to be ineffective at transmitting the disease if the individual is well. But I get that companies want to show they are doing something. So it is our reality for now.

Baby Girl was oh so snuggly! I sipped on Twinings Lemon Ginger tea while I waited on Matt to get home.


Dinner was a salad with steamed sweet potato cubes and sauteed chicken quick marinated in Greek dressing.


I didn’t take a photo of my snack, but we settled in and watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. It was really sweet! But it was a little odd. I suppose Mr. Rogers was in some ways but also genuinely an amazing person. I enjoyed watching it.


I woke up feeling really well-rested and good! I made Kodiak Cakes buttermilk waffles that I topped with ricotta and smoked salmon along with a side of lightly dressed greens and a cutie. This reminded me of a meal at First Watch, and it felt fancy.


I used nearly the rest of the mix to make mixed berry muffins that turned out so well. I managed to do all of this before even having my coffee too!


After showering and getting ready, I enjoyed a muffin with pb then headed out the door to go over to Kaci and Drew’s.


My spring-but-it’s-still-cold outfit. But I even should have dressed warmer because the temperature dropped more. Mahalo tee, Not Perfect Linen scarf, teal pants (the lighting was poor due to it being cloudy).


I swung by Mahalo and grabbed a half caf Americano. It was so refreshing!

We placed a curbside order from CFA, and I so enjoyed their spicy chicken salad! I love their avocado lime dressing.


I went with Kaci, Drew, and Drew’s parents to help his parents’ friends (a husband and a wife) load up some furniture as they are moving soon. They are giving away some, and they’re deciding on whether they want to give me a really cute “shabby chic” desk and Aztec rug. I’d be so grateful and would certainly take great care of them. I love when items have a story, and I would know where they came from.

It was late by the time I arrived home, so I had a snack-y dinner. These garlic and onion Triscuits with poppy seeds are so good!


I had a snack while we watched Spenser Confidential with Mark Wahlberg. I loved the movie! It had a number of funny parts as well as plenty of action.


We slept in again and didn’t get out of bed until 9:00! I had made two smaller waffles to use up the remainder of the Kodiak Cakes buttermilk mix, and I enjoyed them toasted and topped with maple plus a banana with pb and yogurt.


Sweet Mason!! I adore this photo of him. He was so very handsome.


I gathered up donations to take to Goodwill (which I will need to confirm that they can accept them at this time), cleaned, and then ate lunch. I heated a tortilla with greens, hummus, and freshly shredded cheddar. I added avocado then folded it over and cut it in half. Carrots and orange pepper strips on the side. I then finished the last little bit of my Americano (I used my Pioneer Woman cup, and the ice still hadn’t melted!) with my last two Samoas.


Jackson snuggled himself in the middle of my donations. Doesn’t he look precious?


He’s so silly!


Kaci came over and helped me in a huge way! I had been planning to make this coffee burlap bag ottoman for months thanks to the free bag from Mahalo, but I was admittedly intimated by the project. She helped me to start stitching after I cut and ironed the six pieces. I followed this guide. I chose not to store clothes in it, so instead, I used poly-fil and then finished stitching up the side. I really love it!





I enjoyed tea, a snack, then we called it a night. I hope that you can find some calm and peace today and as we move forward in this time of the unknown.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Crazy times, for sure! Thank you for sending some normalcy into our homes. Hugs!!!
    P.S. Your blot posts always inspire me to cook and throw things together to make fun, homemade snacks and meals!


    1. I’m glad I could help us to feel a little more normal amidst the chaos!

      I’m so grateful! I hope you find some new combinations that you enjoy! xo


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