Friday Favorites

It’s hard to believe it’s been one week since the reality of Covid-19 became so apparent. Working in the medical field has certainly made it that much more real. I hope that you are all well and trying to find the joy even in this time. I’d love to share some favorites with you to hopefully bring about some inspiration and fun.

Here are some of the meals we’ve enjoyed this week! I did go to Kroger for a typical trip for us (not stocking up), but I did try to make a few meals from what we had until I went on Wednesday. For breakfast one day, I had one of the berry muffins I made from Kodiak Cake buttermilk mix crumbled over yogurt in a seed butter jar. I got this idea years ago from Kath, and I love it. Give it a try!



For an amazing savory oatmeal twist, I added smoked salmon to my usual spiced oatmeal, wilted greens, cheddar, and egg. So good!


I thawed our taco filling we made using Ree Drummond’s recipe, and I stuffed it in a warmed sprouted grains tortilla with wilted spinach, shredded cheddar, mango habanero hot sauce, and avocado. I also had a cutie on the side. This really was a stellar combo. If you have leftover filling like this, definitely recommend it! Matt made an omelet with it, which was also a great idea.


I finally cooked the edamame pasta I got Matt for Christmas and combined it with frozen cooked fiesta vegetable blend, Ken’s Steakhouse Italian dressing, and freshly shredded mozzarella. I loved how much protein the pasta had because that helped this to be a well-rounded meal.


You can’t go wrong with pizza and a salad! This is variety is gf with a sweet potato crust and chicken sausage. One of our favorites, and it was on sale. Score!


I treated myself to Mahalo’s honey lavender latte, and even though they’re only doing drive-thru and take-out to be cautious, they still made it look so pretty! That’s quality, and it required a mini photo shoot.



It tasted like spring. ❤


St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on us all, but I still made sure to wear some green. My mustard top represents the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m so clever it hurts. 😉



SnapChat’s filter that turns us all into a hot commodity. Hahaha


I couldn’t resist. Owls on owls on owls.


We’re now to wear a mask at all times except to eat plus a shield, gown, and gloves when in direct patient contact. I have to change my gloves and disinfect in between patients. I’m charting on the floor rather than bringing lab report cards back to my office. I’m washing my hands as much as I always have. I feel safe and sometimes don’t feel like I deserve the praise as other medical professionals who are initiating treatment. But I’m here and working in the thick of it. Such weird times! I can’t help but express that multiple times.


I admit I was really immature about this when it first became an issue last Friday. I thought people were overreacting. They may be (I’m looking at those hoarding hand sanitizer and tp), but better to be safe than sorry. Please do your part to help us all get rid of this as soon as possible. I pray our economy and the local businesses can recover!

Thursday was the first day of spring, and nature really blessed us with the perfect day! I was grateful to be able to go on a walk and relax my mind. Perhaps this is nature or God’s way of saying we’ll be ok.

Take care, and thank you for making my blog a part of your day.

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