Quarantine Times

I still have a hard time believing this is our current situation and that it is our new “normal” for an unknown time. How are you all holding up? I so hope you all are well and safe.


This is the only photo I took on Friday. It was a busy day, and I was thankful to be home. I completed a workout by Simi’s Unmeasured then made dinner for us. Jax knocked off his magnet then accidentally pulled off this panel at the bottom of our fridge. He’s such a silly baby! He helped Matt snap it back into place. 😉



We slept in, and it felt oh so good. I made a Kodiak Cakes Strawberry Chocolate Chip Flapjack cup with a side of banana, pb, and Fage TruBlend vanilla yogurt. Matt received a text from one of his friends that said he and his wife left two dozen farm fresh eggs on our porch. How incredibly sweet was that?! As one of my friends said, they look like naturally dyed Easter eggs. ❤️ I also then realized Kodiak Cakes had delivered my free samples that included six Buttermilk and Maple Flapjack cups. I gave Kaci three.


After vacuuming and washing a load of laundry, I got myself ready for the day.


I know it’s not a huge deal, but I was able to pin back my hair in my first “undo” of sorts!




I went by Honeybee West and got myself a decaf latte, Kaci a cold brew, and I picked up the bouquet I bought for her from Flourish Flower Truck. They left it there for me to collect. I so want to support local when I can.


So pretty!


I went by Paysan for one of their chicken pot pies, but unfortunately, they were already sold out. Hoping to snag one for Kaci and I to split later this week. I did pick up a loaf of focaccia.

Kaci put her flowers into one of her vases, and they looked lovely.


I apologize for the poor lighting, but my lunch was so good! I cooked two of the farm fresh eggs (check out those perfect yolks), and I had them with focaccia, basil pesto, and part of a salad kit. This was oh so good.


I finally won a quick draw from Paris Woodhull! She’s a local artist who is so damn talented. You may recall my pretty green-blue bandana with a map of Knoxville on it or Petro’s wall mural that I shared. Those are her works of art.

She took this photo…


and created this! I just love it!


Kaci and I watched Aladdin together, and I realized it had been such a long time since I had seen it. One of my favorite Disney movies. I love Robin Williams, and he was perfect as the Genie!

I decided to try out a claw clip and liked it too. 🙂

Dinner was quick and really good. I marinated chicken thighs in Italian dressing then baked them along with seasoned whole baby purple potatoes and zucchini.


I enjoyed my lemon ginger tea and a snack while we watched Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Anyone seen it? We thought it was hilarious! A fun movie that gave us plenty of laughs.


We again slept well, but this time, I got up and fed our sweeties. I went back to sleep then later got up and enjoyed banana “sushi”. I cooked a sprouted wheat tortilla in a butter skillet then added cinnamon sugar. I was hoping it would be crunchy, but I didn’t think about it caramelizing into the tortilla. It was still delicious. I added pb, jam, and banana then rolled it up, sliced it, and I enjoyed Fage vanilla blended yogurt with it.



Sweet Rachel snuggles while I sipped my coffee!


Snap Chat fun with my girl.


Can you even handle Jackson’s cuteness?! Kaci shared this with me, and it has always been one of my favorite photos!


I then gave myself a mani and pedi, which was quite a nice treat. I used Essie’s ‘satin sister’ on my toes and Sally Hansen’s quick-dry ‘thyme is money’ on my fingernails. Unfortunately, the quick-dry polish stayed gummy on some nails. It states it only needs one coat, but then it looks streaky on some. I used Essie’s gel top coat but had to redo two. Oh well, still love them.



I completed Simi’s latest 45-minute, and it was humbling. I took many breaks, but I did not feel like a failure. It was challenging and so rewarding!


I quickly threw together lunch – leftover slice of pizza, salad, and focaccia.


I then got ready to meet a friend to pick up a cute t-shirt I ordered from her. Fresh-faced and cozy vibes.


Once back, I made myself a mug of decaf coffee and enjoyed some roasted nuts with a chocolate almond biscotti. Mmmm mmm.


I decided to go for a walk because despite it being cloudy, it felt really nice. I enjoyed getting outside and stretching my legs!

I decided to rearrange some of the tubs of keepsakes/decor into our guest room closet that freed up one corner in the guest room. I was tired of seeing those tubs just stacked up there. I then vacuumed again, and there was still so much hair. #catparents

Dinner was a simple salad…


and pasta. This pasta was really tasty, and I loved the shape. Funny thing is that the package said it can withstand being overcooked. I followed the energy-saving method of boil for two minutes then allow to sit in the water covered for 17 minutes. It was a little overdone. Haha. I added Muir Glen roasted vegetable marinara that I simmered, and I topped it with mozzarella and a sprinkle of Italian herbs.


I sincerely hope this week will be good for us all and that we will see improvements in our current situation. Sending all the love.

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