Friday Finds & Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! I hope that despite it still being *so* weird, you have found some joy in this past week. I know some bloggers have expressed mixed feelings about sharing their usual posts, but I want to continue to bring some light to an otherwise rather dark, uncertain time. I hope you enjoy this post!

First up is some fashion fun including this Not Perfect Linen MAMA dress that I bought from a sweet friend, Sarah! She sells on Poshmark, and you can follow her on Instagram with the handle @trendsetchic.





She also creates beautiful sustainable accessories made with secondhand clothing. Follow her other account @sustainableaccessories! She gifted me this neck scarf but would like to begin making more to sell. She made it from Jamie and the Jones raw silk that is made right here in TN! I absolutely love it.


It’s a gorgeous mustard color. I enhanced the photo because the lighting was not great, but it is the perfect color and scarf to wear year round.


Now that only “essential” businesses are allowed to operate, my sweet hair dresser is needing to reschedule my appointment for another two weeks. I’m really grateful I chose to grow out my hair when I did because otherwise, it would just look like a floppy pixie. I’m really embracing these changes and enjoying pinning it back. πŸ™‚ I’m considering it my #quarantinehair or #covidhairstyle, ha!


Sarah even put forth the extra effort to ship my dress and neck scarf in this beautiful packaging. It’s the little details that can make such a difference, and it didn’t go unnoticed!


I bought this tee from a friend in support of the Hospice Promise Foundation. It is so soft, and I love the message!




A talented friend made these masks complete with a slit in the back to add the correct filter. Even though I cannot wear any other mask except those provided by Fresenius, I got each Kaci and I one in case we want it for the public. While I don’t think wearing a mask is all that helpful, it would be nice to have. Plus it can be a souvenir of sorts to show our future children. What we’re going through is almost unbelievable! You can follow her on Instagram at @foryoubyq. Wear a mask, but make it fashion.


Even though my farm fresh egg yolk broke, this savory oatmeal was oh so delicious.

One morning I had delicious sweet and savory toast: hummus toast with hard boiled egg and EBTB seasoning and pb toast with cinnamon sugar.


Matt and I collaborated on this dinner, and I was so grateful for his help! He hard boiled eggs for us and created a ranch dressing of sorts from our Italian vinaigrette, Greek yogurt, herbs, and spices. It was fantastic, and he made enough that we could make tuna salad for our lunch the next day. We wilted spinach and reheated our roasted purple potatoes and chicken thighs. I steamed a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts, added our sliced hard boiled egg, and then topped it with his dressing. It was wonderful!


While this dinner was mostly from frozen, it was still so good and nourishing! Not to mention colorful. Dr. Praeger’s protein burger with yellow mustard and horseradish, Green Giant frozen beet spirals, frozen steamed Brussels sprouts, and roasted purple potatoes with ketchup. Evidence that frozen is healthy. Don’t believe any messages that tell you otherwise!


We’ve been trying to cook from our pantry and freezer, and this meal never ever disappoints! We rinsed, soaked, and then cooked a bag of mixed dried beans and lentils with our frozen and thawed ham bone from Christmas. I only used half the packet of cajun seasoning and reduce the water to 5 cups instead of 8 cups. I also made my grandmother’s cornbread topped with butter and a sprinkle of salt. If you don’t eat pork, this would still be a flavorful, filling, and oh so nice meal to have. You can freeze the leftovers in individual portions too.


I stopped at Mahalo’s drive-thru and treated myself to an iced half caf coconut mocha latte. SO GOOD!


I found this tote bin on Amazon to finally organize my tote bags in my trunk. I’ve been so tired of them just strewn all over, and now they are nicely contained.

That’s all I have for this week! Please take care of yourselves and also get out and enjoy the sunshine! There is truly nothing like that warm, bright glow to boost my mood. Love you all!

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