Another Isolated Weekend

Hi all! I hope the sun is also shining where you are. It does so much for my mood. How are you? Truly. These are unchartered waters, so to speak, and we are allowed to feel so many emotions from grateful to frustrated, at ease and then tense. At any given time, we’ll waiver between a multitude of emotions. I know I have. I wanted to share some highlights from my weekend and would love to know of something you did and/or ate that brought you happiness!


I only took these photos of my breakfast on Friday, which was very tasty. Cranberry Apple oatmeal cup made with milk and topped with pb plus half a juicy grapefruit with cinnamon. I don’t have them enough!

Work went well overall, and I got really caught up on my lab review and work. Even though Dietetic Interns are not allowed in our facilities, UTK’s Dietetic Internship Director and I created a virtual experience so that they could still learn about renal disease and dialysis. Even though this is not ideal, it at least satisfies the requirements to complete this rotation in the internship. I completed said virtual rotation with the first intern, and she did a wonderful job. I hate that she’s been “robbed” of the on-site experiences, but she’s handling it well.

Once I got home, I put on my comfy pj’s and relaxed with our sweet babies. Dinner was leftover bean soup with cornbread then we got settled with our tea for the evening. Rachie was so snuggly on her fleece, and Jackson thought he was hidden, ha! I just love them to pieces.


Matt was kind and got up to feed the babies, so we ended up sleeping until the eight o’clock hour, leaving me without about ten hours of sleep under my belt. It was almost too much because I felt foggy-headed later in the day. I think my sweet spot is seven to eight hours.

Breakfast was a warmed sprouted grain tortilla filled with pb, banana, and cinnamon sugar plus a mug of cottage cheese with jam. I sipped my coffee slowly as I enjoyed the morning with Matt, Rachel, and Jackson. Together we tackled the trash, recycle, dishes, and it felt really nice to do that before getting ready for the day! I shopped at Kroger and got a lot of great food for the week.

Kaci shared this with me, and it gave me such a good laugh! A conversation between the Golden Girls if they were around today.


I then met with Kaci, Drew, and Axl at the lake house to take a few things out there and to enjoy the day. It was very windy and a tad chilly because of it, but it was *such* a pretty day!




Friends of Drew’s parents are moving and kindly gave us these chairs! Their height fits perfectly at the bar.


Dinner was so enjoyable. I’ve been craving crunchy romaine, so I started with it as a base and added cucumber, red bell pepper, Dr. Praeger’s chick’n nuggets, Annie’s Cowgirl Ranch, and hummus toast with EBTB seasoning.


We watched some Netflix, sipped tea, each enjoyed a snack, then crawled into bed.


I slept closer to seven or so hours and felt great! When I woke up, a pretty bad thunderstorm was still active. Apparently it did some damage in the area, but I didn’t even realize it was in the forecast.

I made quite an amazing breakfast that included bread toasted with freshly grated cheddar and greens before being topped with avocado and sunny side up farm fresh eggs cooked in butter seasoned with EBTB and Italian seasonings. A cutie on the side.


After seasoning the eggs with smoked paprika, salt, and pepper.


I revisited a video from Simi’s Unmeasured website, and it felt to good in my body. I felt energized and didn’t need many breaks.

I brought out this stellar tee from the bottom of my drawer. 😉


I split a bagged salad kit between me and Matt, and this one was strawberry harvest with toasted quinoa and almonds.


Late July buttery crackers with pb on the side. I then enjoyed the last Kodiak Cakes muffin with Fage True Blend vanilla yogurt.


Thankfully, the weather took a turn for the much better, and Kaci and I went on a long walk that felt so amazing!

We hung out a bit longer before she met with Drew to hike at Sharp’s Ridge. I, too, was feeling energetic, so I completed Simi’s newest 20-25 minute video. I did have to take some breaks and modifications, but I felt no less than because of it. I showered then got to work on dinner. I cooked the last of our brown rice to go with a simple salad and chicken sheet pan meal that included green beans, onion, and mushrooms. I marinated the chicken thighs in Ken’s Steakhouse Italian vinaigrette then seasoned it all with salt, pepper, garlic, and smoked paprika. ‘Twas tasty.


We wound down with tea and a snack then went to bed.

Now we’re caught up to the present, and I will end this by saying I truly hope you have a good week despite the circumstances. Remember to take a step back from the news and statistics and to make your well-being your top priority. That includes your mental health.

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