Putting a Spring in My Step

Hello, and happy Monday! I certainly hope everyone had a very lovely weekend. The weather was lovely here, and it really helped to keep me feeling calm and optimistic.


I took this after I removed my mask for the day to head home from one of my clinics. Nothing like that first good breath of fresh air.


After I fed our sweeties, I got changed and went out on a glorious walk.

When I walked up to our place, Matt surprised me by being home earlier than I expected, and he brought Rachie outside! She plopped around, enjoyed herself fully, and of course she went straight over to eat grass.


Then it was Jackson’s turn. Our babies make me so happy! I always think of how much Mason lit up when he got to enjoy time outside one final time before saying goodbye.



Dinner was a huge jass salad topped with Ingles chicken salad and a Schar GF dinner roll. We love their products!


Snackage included a banana with pb, cinnamon, and Fage vanilla yogurt. We *finally* started watching Ozark, and we watched the first two episodes this evening. It’s dark but really good!



I slept SO well and then made this stellar breakfast that I was proud of. Hidden avocado toast with one each farm fresh and store bought egg. The farm fresh is obviously on the right. I also had pb toast with our cinnamon apples.


Snuggles with my girl while I drank my delicious coffee.


I completed Simi’s latest 45-minute exercise video on Unmeasured, and it was sooo tough! But very rewarding. I wrote on my Insta story that while I so love her work, I don’t force myself if I’m just not feeling it. On this morning, I was all in, and that makes for a great experience. I took multiple breaks but still powered through to the end.

I got myself cleaned up and ordered a large cheese pizza from Cruze Farm with a special discount code they shared. I brought it over to Kaci and Drew’s, and she and I had a late lunch. I ended up having three slices and felt pleasantly full.


I hung out while they cleaned and did some work around the house, and while I didn’t feel I was of much help, I just love spending time with them.

It’s really the little things, but my hair is now long enough to use these pretty clips I bought in January!


Once home, I went out on another walk before eating a simple dinner of a salad with rotisserie chicken and crackers.


Snackage while we watched Ozark included the last of our vanilla yogurt plus Greek, thawed wild blueberries, Multigrain Cheerios, and roasted salted nuts.



I decided to soak a packet of Bakery on Main strawberry shortcake oatmeal overnight with Cruze Farm buttermilk. I then blended it with a banana in the morning before stirring in pb. If you’ve never had a “dough boy smoothie” as Kath calls them, I highly recommend it!


After relaxing with my cuppa Joe, I got to work on baking! I used up a box of Kodiak Cakes Strawberry Chocolate Chip to make a batch of muffins as well as waffles.


I love having all of this on hand now.


I felt proud of what I was able to accomplish. I took care of the dishes, laundry, scrubbed our bathroom and the toilets, dusted, vacuumed for the second time over the weekend, and then I swept off the front porch. Matt was so very kind and changed my transmission fluid and keeps up with my car’s maintenance. It felt so good to take care of these things!

I stopped for lunch partly through my cleaning frenzy and enjoyed a salad with pizza. I went back for another slice as well as an apple.


I added these plant gifs to give me inspiration. Ha!


I was craving another walk, and boy did it feel amazing. Ya know what also felt amazing? A much-needed shower. I even painted my nails, and at-home spa days are sometimes the best.

Are you sensing a theme? Chicken salad, roasted asparagus and bell pepper, and crackers.


I enjoyed thawed blueberries and mango with Greek yogurt as well as a muffin plus lemon lavender tea with local honey. So good!




This morning I had a rather nostalgic breakfast. Toasted Kodiak Cakes waffles with maple syrup and farm fresh eggs. I used to enjoy the square Eggo waffles with butter, pancake syrup, and eggs at my grandparents, so it really was comforting.


I wish you all health, happiness, and a great week ahead!

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