Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello, and happy Friday! How are you holding up during this time? Have a found ways to connect with loved ones while keeping your distance? I sure hope you have been able to soak up some sunshine. The temperature dropped back into the 50’s here, and I have a friend who has experienced spring weather to a tornado warning, rain and hail, and then snow. O_O The sun has been my saving grace!

First up is this nice band that one of my managers made to make wearing a mask more comfortable. Wear a mask but make it fun.



I ordered this jumpsuit from Not Perfect Linen, and it’s on its way. I can’t wait to receive and wear it a lot this spring and summer!

I decided to invest in some shaving cream because just using soap + body wash isn’t the best. I wanted to buy Cremo because Kaci recommended it, but I only could find this at Kroger. It is very silky and did give me a better shave.


I ordered this Dyson model after receiving several recommendations to invest in their Cyclone V10 for the latest motor. I cannot wait to receive it! Yes, this is not something I expected to be excited about 10 years ago, but I embrace my adulting ways. My vacuuming game just got elevated.

Mahalo debuted their new to go cups, and is it not so pretty? If we have to only use the drive thru, might as well make it pretty to the eyes as well as the taste buds. They are my fav coffee shop!


I found GF spaghetti pasta that I think for the first time cooked right! Most long pastas turn to mush. I made a turkey meat sauce using a jarred sauce that Matt doctored up some, and truth be told, it was so much better the next day for lunch. So good!


After buying a great deal at Kroger on Wednesday, I had planned to get us our free Petro’s (from Matt wining one year’s worth), but I didn’t want to get back out again or spend money to pay the difference for medium orders. We made huge salads topped with Annie’s Lemon Chive dressing, Bird’s Eye broccoli-cauliflower tots that I dipped in yellow mustard (was craving it), and hard boiled egg with EBTB seasoning and dipped in sriracha. So good and better than take out! Plus much safer in these times.


Some positive words from MHN, and this experience has truly made me more laid back about some things.


Happy Life always comes through with the best messages as well.



Despite it being a strange, distant Easter, if you celebrate, I wish you the best! May you all have a great weekend. ❤


**This post contains affiliate links for which I receive no compensation. All opinions are my own.**

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds + Favorites!

  1. Getting outside for some sun really has been a saving grace through all this!! That was so sweet of your manager to make those! Then you don’t get ear burns from the masks too- perfect. We love our Dyson! We’ve had it since we were married and it still works like a champ- enjoy, and welcome to the Dyson club 🙂 Those Mahalo cups are super pretty! These messages are so encouraging ❤ Thank you for sharing, Kori!


    1. The fresh air & sunshine is so therapeutic! It was! I was thankful she made us all the cute band to make mask wearing more bearable. Oh thank you for telling me you love your Dyson! Matt was worried about buying a vacuum that requires a battery, but I’m so excited to use it! Mahalo just keeps getting better. 🙂 I’m so glad the messages were helpful. Love ya!


      1. Yay- glad you guys are liking it! Ours is even more old school with the plug-in feature, so the battery sounds like a luxury! And oh my gosh, I could seriously go for a latte from Mahalo right now. Mondays call for a little extra caffeine. Have such a great week ahead, Kori! Love ya too! ❤


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