Unconventional Easter 2020

Hello, and happy Monday! I hope everyone, despite the circumstances, had a wonderful weekend. If you celebrate Easter, I hope you were able to still have an enjoyable holiday.


I started Friday with a delicious bowl of oatmeal topped with thawed cherry medley, raspberry fruit spread, and chunky pb.


I played around with parting my bangs in the middle(ish) and enjoyed a slightly different look. 🙂


I roasted a huge bag of green beans as well, a bunch of asparagus, a whole bulb of garlic, and one sweet potato. We planned to eat the sweet potato and some of the green beans for our early Easter lunch on Saturday, so I prepped it ahead of time.

Dinner was a really good grilled cheese dipped into our black bean salsa tomato mixture plus a lovely green salad.


We watched Ozark, and I could only make it through one episode before I needed to go to bed. I was pooped!


I slept oh so well and was grateful Matt chose to feed the babies in the morning. I toasted two of my Kodiak Cakes Strawberry Chocolate Chip waffles and had them with Fage vanilla yogurt, banana, pb, and cinnamon.


After sipping my coffee, I completed a workout by Simi on Unmeasured then got ready for our beautiful day together.

We swung by Mahalo for me to get a half caf iced latte plus the extra coffee burlap bags Trevor was kind enough to give me. You better believe Kaci, Drew, Matt, and me will be trying a coffee/potato sack race together, ha!


Liquid gold. Then it was off to our lake house to spend the day!


A sight I will never grow tired of seeing.



Sadly, there were a lot of trees down from the awful storms. We had a smaller one while our neighbors had some massive losses.



Nailed it on the first try!


Matt setup and took this photo. I love it!



I brought my Polariod, and we had a lot of fun using it.




Blooper, Polaroid style. Would’ve been cute I think, but we just accidentally chose the wrong setting. Oh well!


We mashed the roasted garlic with salt, pepper, olive oil, and fresh rosemary then rubbed it on both sides of three lamb chops. We seared them in the iron skillet before finishing them in the oven. We had the green beans with Annie’s Lemon Chive dressing and split the sweet potato. I added cinnamon to it. It was such a great early Easter lunch!



I don’t remember when we bought these. Perhaps when we tore up the carpet to have it replaced before our wedding, but it’s like we sensed Covid-19. It made me chuckle.


Matt and I played several games of Kings in the Corner, walked around in the sunshine, checked on the house, and then packed up to head home. I don’t think I had ever been out there on Easter weekend, and it felt so very special.


I couldn’t resist some Easter filters.




After we got home and settled, we made very tasty salads topped with Dr. Praeger’s chick’n tenders, Caesar dressing, and hummus with Red Hot Blues.


Snackage during Ozark included thawed mango with pb powder, the last of my shredded wheat, sprinkle of muesli, and unsweetened vanilla almond cashew milk. This was such a good combo! We finished the last two episodes of season one.


Easter Sunday

I fed the babies then came back to bed for another hour or so then got up and made us an aspragus frittata that I have to say was so easy to make and very delicious. Five eggs, two tablespoons of milk, half cup freshly shredded sharp cheddar, one bunch of asparagus roasted, salt and pepper. Butter a warmed skillet, add the warmed asparagus, pour the batter of top, then sprinkle with EBTB seasoning and smoked paprika. Cover with a lid, turn down the heat, and cook until the eggs set.


We enjoyed ours with a white grapefruit that we split, and I sprinkled cinnamon on mine.


Avocado toast to complete our Easter breakfast.


Our babies have been so snuggly!


Our friends again surprised us with two dozen eggs from their chickens, and we are so very grateful!!


These came up on my memories and made me smile big time. Kaci and I had these taken in April 2011 to celebrate our upcoming graduation from college. I will always cherish these.








After completing a workout by Simi, I showered and donned my Easter best. 😉


For lunch, I made a Chocolate Cherry Green Smoothie thanks to Simi for sharing the inspiration! I added half a banana for extra creamy sweet flavor, and it was so good. I thawed a Kodiak Cakes Strawberry Chocolate Chip muffin and crumbled it over the top plus a spoonful of crunchy pb.


I sipped on Matcha Mate Grapefruit tea with honey to warm up because the weather was dismal and chilly.

Our very own Easter basket!


I finished a few word finds then snacked on carrots, hummus, and Red Hot Blues.


Just as Kaci arrived, my Dyson was delivered!


She bought a new lantern because this one won’t turn on anymore, sadly. But we added my twinkly string lights, and I just love it.



Dinner was Cajun chicken breasts over white rice with roasted green beans and Brussels sprouts.


I snacked on a mug of Multigrain Cheerios with the other half of my banana, pb powder, whole meal ground flaxseed, chocolate chips, and unsweetened vanilla almond cashew milk. We watched the first episode of Ozark season two then called it a night.


I’ve seen my friends sharing their senior year photos in support of this year’s seniors, so I did the same. Class of 2006 from Oak Ridge High School. ❤




Wishing you all a great day and week! Please feel free to share anything that you did and/or ate over the weekend that you enjoyed!

6 thoughts on “Unconventional Easter 2020

  1. PB in oats has been my go-to breakfast lately!! So comforting and delicious. Aw I LOVE the hair! The middle part is darling! The picture of the picture from the polaroid is super artsy and pretty- you could frame it! I adore the one of you and Matt too.

    Okayy that frittata- when I have access to a kitchen again I’m making that (especially because it calls for EBTB seasoning!). Awww I love those throw back pics- I am shocked how crisp they are from being from 2011. Beauties! Cute cute twinkly lights. Thanks for sharing, Kori! I feel like I went on a little outdoor AND food adventure through this post 🙂 Much needed right now!


    1. Pb in oats is the best! Two of my managers were disgusted when I mentioned topping oatmeal with pb. Some people just amaze me, ha. Thank you!! I truly have been grateful that I could let go of my worry over my hair & just let it be. It’s felt liberating as silly as that sounds. I have a cut scheduled for May 1st, which I am excited for. Thank you!! I was so glad I brought my Polaroid camera. I love playing around with it & capturing memories on it & not just my phone.

      I hope you enjoy it too!! I know! Plus I pulled those photos from Facebook, & Facebook always diminishes the quality. Now taking photos of actual photos proved tricky with the lighting. Kids today wouldn’t know the struggle of taking photos then needing to wait to have them developed. 😆 I’m so glad you enjoyed my post & that it helped you to relax a bit! ❤️❤️


      1. I don’t get when people are hesitant to try things too- I’m super big on “don’t knock it till you try it” . But also PB & oatmeal is one of the least offensive combos 😂😋 it was practically made to go together.

        And not silly at all! Hair is a big deal, especially when you have something particular in mind…. and then a pandemic comes along and throws your plan off course 🥴 but it really looks SO pretty, you really rock any length!

        Oh my goodness, too funny- trying to explain how pictures are developed to kids now may be one of the most complicated endeavors 😆 yes yes- it was both restful and fun as always! ❤️


        1. Same!! I’m down to try anything. “You never know unless you try.” And YES. It’s so the best combo.

          It definitely threw me off my course! From everything I read, it’s all about getting trims to keep the style fresh. Welp, 12 weeks later…hahaha. I appreciate that so very much!!

          That & using an old rotary phone or even that VHS existed! How about a school projector? Lol. ❤️❤️


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