Friday Finds + Favorites!

How are you all doing? Feeling all the emotions still? Because I know I am. Grateful to have my job, thankful to be of help, hopeful that we’ll overcome, anxious to still have to wear a mask all day every day, sad that I’m unable to go anywhere, feel trapped. I acknowledge all of these, and I encourage everyone to feel their feelings. Just because we may not have it as bad as someone else does not discount our emotions and experiences. I have a short but fun Friday favs post to share, and I would love to hear of some of your finds or favorites!

First up are two messages that spoke so strongly to me. Morgan Harper Nichols speaks truth always. Trying to live in the present and to soak up all of its beauty.


I am perfectly imperfect. I am enough. I am me for which I don’t have to make any apologies. Same for you!


I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with my friend, Ashley! Her posts are very informative and strong. I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram at the handle @fuel.2.flourish.


I couldn’t resist taking a photo with my new Dyson before using it for the first time. It works like a dream! Matt kindly mounted it in the garage for us, so now I can dock and charge it out of the way. I highly recommend one! It sucked up so much hair and such, and the carpet felt fluffy.


I do not know why, but Matt and I slept so very horrible on Monday night. Sweet Matt was up by 3:30 and just surrendered. I stayed in bed and dozed and got some more sleep but definitely lacked what I needed. Enter one of my fav go-to denim dresses that made getting ready easy. Tried to do the whole, “fake it ’til you make it”. They extended the stay-at-home order until the end of the month, so quarantine hair is going strong!


*The* fashion accessory of 2020. I bought this from a friend who made multiple masks to donate. I wore it when I last went to Kroger for a few quick things.


The weather started to warm up again, so I wore one of my really comfortable dresses and leggings that didn’t make the photo. Ready for spring to come back permanently! Rachel in the background is so cute!

I didn’t snap a photo and now regret it, but even though we slept horribly, I made a fantastic breakfast Tuesday morning! We split the last of our Easter asparagus frittata, and I had mine between two slices of toasted Dave’s Killer Bread with melted mozzarella, mashed avocado, wilted greens, and a local Swaggerty’s sausage. I enjoyed a small, crisp apple on the side plus a mug of delicious, strong coffee. Kath shared a recipe for Scramble Egg Sandwich with Avocado on this day, so we were on the same wavelength!

My manager catered Salsarita’s since one of our RN’s now has left for a different job, and we did a going away party. I enjoyed my first plate then went back for a vegetarian taco salad of sorts.

I finally ordered lunch from Shandi’s Boutique for myself and a friend, Andrea at work, and it was delicious! We each got their turkey, bacon, avocado, mozzarella melt with tomato and basil on toasted white bread. I chose pasta salad but saved it because I was pleasantly full. Our meals came with a free cookie each, and they were so pretty!

Earlier in the week, Andrea shared her 8-can soup that looked delicious, and it inspired me to make this creation. One can each Italian tomatoes, cannellini beans, lentils, and mushrooms; one frozen bag each vegetable soup blend, green beans, spinach, and one quart chicken broth + herbs & spices. Matt added two bay leaves, and we added a smidge extra garlic powder plus salt for him. It made a lot and is awesome to now have on hand!

Alexis shared a recipe for Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal that I will be making for us this weekend. Does it not scream spring as well as utterly delicious? I will share my creation!

Unfortunately, we have ended up having to throw away some of our glass container lids because they cracked, so I’m needing to organize our cabinet. I decided to order us more containers to pack our lunches and snacks, and I chose this set on Amazon. I love the lock lids for not only the secure seal but they also won’t warp or crack with use.

 I’ll end by sharing this precious memory of our babies. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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