The End of a Chapter

Good Monday morning! I’ve been doing some thinking over the last several weeks about my little space here. I have always maintained that I wanted to blog for the sake of inspiring and helping others. I have genuinely loved sharing our meals, creations, lives, our sweet babies, our triumphs and struggles as the blogging community has shown me a great deal of love and compassion. But pretty often now I feel a lack of inspiration. I never want to dread writing a post, and while I’m very proud of my content, I acknowledge it’s pretty redundant. I also want to be protective of us and be perhaps a little more cautious about what I share.

While I didn’t think last Friday’s post would be my last official one, I think that’s almost better. I just gave it thought and realized I would like to close this chapter for now. Who knows if I may ever restart it. Never say never. I want to thank everyone for choosing to make my blog a part of your day. Comments on here and messages that people have sent stating how much my words have helped at times meant the world to me. Sometimes we forget just how much we can help others even with just a simple act of sharing a post.

I want to wish everyone well, and again, thank you for all of your support!

10 thoughts on “The End of a Chapter

  1. I will miss your posts, but I completely understand!! I’m stepping down from KM, too. I just have found myself dreading writing most times, and having a hard time coming up with topics. Maybe it’s just writer‘s block, but I need a break. We should start a podcast together! Now that would be a blast! 😂😂😂


    1. Thank you, Crystal!! You always understand. ❤ Yes, writer's block and just feeling less excited to share. Girl, you know I love to talk, ha!


  2. Kori, your slice of life posts will definitely be missed. Hope they will be fun to look back at years down the road. I do hope that if anything BIG happens in your life you pop in to update/document it! I mean this is your own personal diary online! Also I hope you know all of your readers give a “hoot” about you! 🙂

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    1. You words mean so much, & I appreciate you greatly!! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading as I have truly loved my online diary. I downgraded my site for now (really saddened me to see it change), but I want to leave it here in case I ever want to resume & begin sharing again. Thank you so so much! 🦉💖

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  3. Enjoy this season of taking a break! I’ve done the same in the past. Sometimes you just have to focus on living instead of sharing so much. I completely understand.
    Be well and safe!! 🙂

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