Another Isolated Weekend

Hi all! I hope the sun is also shining where you are. It does so much for my mood. How are you? Truly. These are unchartered waters, so to speak, and we are allowed to feel so many emotions from grateful to frustrated, at ease and then tense. At any given time, we’ll waiver between… Continue reading Another Isolated Weekend


New Hairs + A New Local Coffee Shop

Hello amazing people! I certainly hope your week is going very well. I apologize for not getting this out sooner, but I’ve been working with a wonderful dietetic intern, so obviously I want to give her my full attention. Friday I started the day with a quick but enjoyable breakfast: overnight oats made with Greek… Continue reading New Hairs + A New Local Coffee Shop

Mother Nature Gave Us a Taste of Spring

Hello, and happy Tuesday! I’m sorry to not get my weekend recaps shared on Monday, but I would rather not rush and give some more thought to writing these posts. 🙂 I hope your weekend treated you super well! Friday I began the day on such a tasty note! I enjoyed the other half of… Continue reading Mother Nature Gave Us a Taste of Spring